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Kotlin is one of the most popular alternatives to Java programming language. Kotlin is JVM based programming language, created by IntelliJ IDEA creators Jet Brains, that offers extension functions, functional programming and much more.

Extension functions are nice Kotlin’s feature, that allows adding new functionality to other classes. If you do not want to inherit the other class or do not want to use Decorator design pattern — you could use extension functions to add additional functionality to the class.

A bit of theory

To define an extension function, you need to to prefix extension function’s name with class name. …

Photo by PostgreSQL on Wikimedia

Zedge systems are constantly used by millions of clients every day, resulting in big load and millions of records being stored on our PostgreSQL databases every day. Unfortunately, we can not have downtime, so if we need to make some database structure changes (like adding a table or a column, adding an index for it etc.) it becomes a challenging process.

This blog post contains some strategies we learned that allows us to modify our PostgreSQL tables while not having a downtime of the database itself.


Creating a new table

Creating a new table is a relatively easy process, as…

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